Our Team

Trevor Roberts

Sales Associate

Trevor Roberts is a life-long resident of Lake Placid, Florida. He has a long history in the citrus industry. While working in the industry he recognized a more efficient way of removing declining citrus trees and went into business for himself starting Brush Hog Grinding Services in 2002. Brush Hog Grinding Services, LLC is now the largest and widely respected grinding company in the Southeastern United States. Trevor is married to his wife Lucretia and has a beautiful 9-year-old daughter Karoline. Trevor is an avid hunter and enjoys being in the “woods”.

Arnie Sarlo


Brett Dubois of Tarpon Blue Real Estate Services

Brett DuBois

Co-Managing Broker/Principal

Rowdy Sullivan

Sales Associate

David Yates of Tarpon Blue Real Estate Services

David Yates

Sales Associate

Andrea Smith of Tarpon Blue Real Estate

Andrea Smith

Co-Managing Broker

Ladd Bass

Sales Associate

Troy McDonald

Sales Associate

Dustyn Whitmire

Sales Associate

Fred Fanizzi

Sales Associate

Ken Smith


Teresa Whitmire

Sales Associate

Patrick Utter

Broker Associate

Mark Milligan


Marshall Hilton


Alex Clark