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October 23rd, 2023
Tarpon Blue: Susan Evans
F4 Tech: Mark Milligan


F4 Tech, a leading natural resource management firm based in Tallahassee, Florida, has opened F4 Land Investment Group, a forestry-based real estate division, and joined Tarpon Blue Real Estate Services, LLC, which specializes in buying and selling agricultural, commercial, residential, and recreational/hunting properties.


Tarpon Blue Real Estate Services and F4 Land Investment Group each bring decades of public agency and private industry experience and results, now with new opportunities for strategic alliances in real estate sales, acquisitions, and investments.


F4 Tech was founded in 1998 by Mark Milligan and is known for its innovative, high-tech approach to using data and science for developing, implementing, and managing resource management plans. Clients include a variety of private landowners; the U.S. Department of Defense; U.S. Forest Service; Florida Department of Environmental Protection; and Georgia Department of Natural Resources.


Tarpon Blue Real Estate Services, LLC is part of the Tarpon Blue Family of Companies, which owns and operates a variety of large entities that focus on the acquisition and management of agricultural, development, and natural resource assets across the United States. In addition to Tarpon Blue Real Estate Services, LLC, the companies comprising the Tarpon Blue Family of Companies are Tarpon Blue Resource & Land Management, Inc.; Tarpon Blue Insurance Advisors, LLC; Tarpon Blue Silver King I, LLC and Collier Enterprises; Tarpon Blue Agriculture BRP, LLC; and Tarpon Blue Babcock Ranch Eco-Tours, LLC.


Over the past five years, Tarpon Blue Real Estate Services, LLC has been involved in more than $3 billion in real estate transactions.


“We’re excited to work with the F4 Land Investment Group on real estate deals and future investment opportunities,” said Tarpon Blue Companies President and CEO Ken Smith. “F4 Tech is highly regarded for its cutting-edge technology and science in support of their clients, and there are natural synergies between our companies and our clients. This also allows Tarpon Blue Real Estate Services to expand into the northern part of Florida, with an eye on future expansion into Georgia and Alabama.”


“Opening a forestry-based real estate division within F4 Tech has been a goal for many years, and we’ve been waiting for the right time and the right mix of team members to make it happen,” said F4 Tech President Mark Milligan. “In selecting a broker for the real estate division, Tarpon Blue was far and away our top choice with its distinguished expertise and client service.”


The F4 Land Investment Group includes F4 Tech employees President Mark Milligan, Client Manager Marshall Hilton, and Senior Project Forester Alex Clark. In addition to their real estate licensure, Milligan holds a B.S. in Forest Management from Louisiana State University and an MBA from Florida State University; Hilton has a B.S. in Forest Resource Management and a master’s of Forest Resources and Conservation from University of Florida; and Clark holds a B.S. from Florida State University and an M.S. with a concentration on Ecological Restoration from the School of Forest, Fisheries, and Geomatic Sciences at University of Florida.


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